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How to make a claim on your Income Protection Policy

  • The first step to making a claim on your Income Protection Policy is to contact your insurer/administrator or your financial advisor as soon as possible. Your insurer/administrator will send you a claim form.

  • You should fill in the claim form and return it to the insurer/administrator.

  • You may also be required to send medical reports from your General Practitioner or Specialists.

  • You may be asked to send your P60 form to the insurer for claims assessment. If you are self-employed, you may be asked to send your last account statement or tax returns.

  • You should continue to pay your premiums until your insurer contacts you to let you know that your claim has been accepted and is being processed (It is likely that premiums will still need to be paid during a claim period).

  • After the submission of all documents and their review by the insurer, your insurer will let you if your claim has been accepted.

  • Your insurer will also confirm details of the payments to be made, and when you'll receive them.

Getting you back to work

Income Protection Plans may provide rehabilitation and other benefits aimed at getting the policy-holder back to work as soon as possible. Getting the policyholder back to work, fit and well, as quickly as possible is in the best interest of both the policyholder and the insurer. The rehabilitation services provided by insurers include occupational therapy, occupational psychology, physiotherapy and nursing. Rehabilitation experts employed with insurers can work with your employers to identify the reason(s) for continued absence from work and put together a plan to help the employee return to work. They can also help identify any reasonable adjustments to help support an absent employee back into the workplace.

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